"I have had PT before, but this is the only time I have worked with 1 individual physical therapist for the entire hour. She is not working with 3-6 people at the same time, just you for the entire time. Valerie will give you exercises to perform on your own, dry needle if needed, massage, help you stretch etc. Your treatment plan will be tailored to your needs. She is a gifted and thorough therapist who will make you feel better faster. You will be more knowledgable about your own body when you leave and will be grateful. I highly recommend!!!" --Angela S.

"Valerie is a hugely talented physical therapist. My experience with Valerie at Body in Sync has been the best PT experience in my long career of injuries. Valerie is very attentive and hands on with her patients. She really gets to know each individual injury & develops a patient plan specific to each person/injury. The fact that Valerie is a highly accomplished athlete in her own right and that she understands the mindset of the athletes that she treats is huge. If you are looking for a highly skilled physical therapist that understands the benefits of an athletic lifestyle, and will work with you to get your life back on track, go ahead and book that appointment."--Bernie C.

"Val got me back to my marathon training after calf cramping (and the usual leg tightness) had me questioning whether I would get to the starting line. Val recommended some minor changes in my running form to reduce stress on the calf muscles, then worked the IT, hamstrings, and usual suspects to get me through training and to the starting line pain free. Home stretching and exercises were part of the regimen. Would never have gotten there without her help. Strongly recommend for runners/triathletes."--MM